Dorval 2015

Tuesday, September 15

Regulatory Perspectives (FAA, EASA, TCCA)
Charts Shown to Lead Sept. 15 Sessions
Detailed Agenda
The FAA's AVS Strategic Composite Plan
Composite Safety Issues
2015 Industry/Authorities FAA Composite Transport DT & Maintenance Workshop

Session 1: Sandwich Disbond Assessments
CMH-17 Honeycomb Sandwich Disbond Growth Team Status Mid 2015
Design and Field Experiences - Sandwich Structure

Session 2A: Bonded Repair 2A (Part 1)
DT&M Workshop Session
Operator Field Experiences and Future Perspectives
References 1 and 2 from 2011 FAA Workshop
Reference 1 and 2 from 2011 FAA Workshop 

Session 2A: Bonded Repair 2A (Part 2)
Airbus Bonded Repair Application
Substantiation of Bonded Repairs

Session 2B: Bonded Repair 2B (Part 1)
Effect of processing parameters on bonded repair quality and strength
Lessons learned from CACRC Depot Bonded Repair Round Robin Investigation

Session 2B: Bonded Repair 2B (Part 2)
Bonded Repair Service Provider - Service History and Substantiation
Composite Operational Issues
Standards for Substantiation of Bonded Repairs

Wednesday, September 16

Session 3: High Energy, Wide Area, Blunt Impact (HEWABI)
Charts Shown to Lead Sept. 16 Sessions
UCSD FAA Research
Recent Incidents of HEWABI
High Energy Wide Area Blunt Impact
Large Composite Aircraft - Unidentified Ground Damage: Mitigation

Session 4A: Composite Fatigue and Damage Tolerance
Perspectives on Fatigue & Damage Tolerance Standardization
Composite Fatigue and Damage Tolerance Certification Experience
Airbus Composite Fatigue and Damage Tolerance Certification Experiences 

Session 4B: Composite Fatigue and Damage Tolerance
 Bombardier Rear Pressure Bulkhead Large Damage Capability Demonstration
Aviation Rulemaking Advisory Committee (ARAC) Tasking
NIAR Research on Certification of Composite-Metal Hybrid Structures
CMH-17 Durability & Damage Tolerance

Session 5: Damage Tolerance (Special Subjects)
The Aging Composite Airframe
Some Thoughts on Strategies for Building Block Approach Development

Thursday, September 17

Session 6: Damage Tolerance (Special Subjects)
Charts Shown to Lead Sept. 17 Sessions
Bombardier Validation of Thermal Loads for Hybrid Structure
Thermal loads of horizontal tail plane structure

Session 7A: Smarter Damage Tolerance Testing
Smart Testing, Boeing 
Smart(er) testing - Airbus perspectives
Smart Testing Bombardier Thoughts

Session 7B: Use of Probabilistic Methods
Use of probabilistic methods sessions, Airbus
Probabilistic Approaches Bombardier Thoughts
Probabilistic Approaches, Boeing
Airbus Composite WG

Session 7C: Major Structural Modification, Alterations & Repairs
Issues Associated with Modification and Repair of Primary Aircraft Composite Structures
Examples of Substantiation Testing and Documents to Support Large Areas of Composite Repair

Final Workshop Recap
Workshop Closure