FAA CAA Composite Safety & Certification - Singapore 2015


Sept. 1, 2015

Agenda [FAA File (0)]

FAA/CAAs "Composite Safety & Certification Meeting" [FAA File (1)]

FAA/CAAs "Composite Meeting" Overview - FAA Composite Plan [FAA File (2)]

FAA/CAAs "Composite Meeting"- Composite Safety via Global Efforts [FAA File (3)]

FAA/CAAs "Composite Meeting" Overview: CMH-17 & Volume 3 (PMC) [FAA File (4)]

FAA/CAAs "Composite Meeting" CMH -17 V3C3 Development and Content Review [FAA file (5)]

FAA/CAAs "Composite Meeting" CMH-17 V3C3 Tutorial: Introductory Training [FAA file (6)]

Sept. 2, 2015

FAA/CAAs "Composite Meeting" Development of AC 20-107B [FAA file (7)]

FAA/CAAs "Composite Meeting" AC 20-107B Content Review [FAA file (8)]

Composite Helicopter Project 
Greg Baum, Aircraft Certification, New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority

Civil Aviation Authority of Israel; Composite Certification Activities
Baruch Bloch, CAAI Engineering 

Research Progress of Crashworthiness for Composite Structures
Dr. Xie Jiang, Civil Aviation University of China 

Composite Material Structures "Challenges"
Civil Aviation Department, Hong Kong

Overview of CAAS Regulation & Part 21 Certification Activities 

Sept. 3, 2015

Composite Program in Taiwan Aviation Industry and Areas of Interest(s)
Eric Chen, CAA of Taiwan